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Ceramic Diluting Agent

The role of Quality Ceramic Diluting Agent

Quality Ceramic Diluting Agent refers to a surfactant that can rapidly wet the surface of solid particles and raise the energy barrier between solid particles to a sufficiently high level. Quality Ceramic Diluting Agents can effectively improve the particle wettability, suspension stability, and slurry rheology of the slurry under the condition of low moisture content, and make the slurry have a suitable viscosity to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

How Ceramic Diluting Agent Disperses Ceramic Slurry

In the production of special ceramics, the preparation of the slurry has a great influence on the normal operation of the entire production line and the performance of the finished product. The preparation of qualified slurry is inseparable from Ceramic Diluting Agent, which can prevent the re-agglomeration of particles, make the ceramic slurry have a relatively stable dispersion, and finally obtain a ceramic body with uniform internal microstructure and no defects, which improves the product quality. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of Ceramic Diluting Agent and the technology used are increasingly being paid attention to.

Two Stages Using Ceramic Diluting Agent

Stage 1: Wetting of the ceramic powder surface. Wetting is the most basic condition for ceramic powder dispersion. Ceramic Diluting Agent needs to evenly disperse the ceramic powder in the slurry solution. First, the ceramic powder must be wetted by the solution. In this process, Ceramic Diluting Agent has two functions.

What is Ceramic Diluting Agent Disperses Ceramic Slurry Dispersion Mechanism

The dispersion mechanism of Ceramic Diluting Agent for ceramic slurry can be divided into three stages. The first stage: the deagglomeration of the ceramic powder is to allow the ceramic powder to have a solution between each other, so as to separate the ceramic powder. Ceramic Diluting Agent can generate a large repulsive force between the particles, thereby separating the particles and accelerating the penetration of the solution between the ceramic powders to achieve the purpose of separating the ceramic powders.

Product Description of Ceramic Diluting Agent

Ceramic Diluting Agent is a kind of ceramic additive, also known as a thinner or decoagulation agent. In the wet forming process of high-performance ceramics, Ceramic Diluting Agent is required to have high solid content, good stability, and good rheology, so as to obtain complex shape, small shrinkage of fired body, uniform bulk density, and good rheology after forming. High-performance ceramics with stable performance provide the conditions. A dispersant is therefore an additive that assists in controlling the rheological properties of the slurry.

Product introduction of Ceramic Diluting Agent

Ceramic Diluting Agent dispersant is one of many surfactants. After adding this Ceramic Diluting Agent dispersant, it can rapidly wet the surface of ceramic powder particles, reduce the surface potential energy of the particles, and increase the potential barrier between solid particles to a sufficient level. high, so as to achieve the effect of dispersing and stabilizing ceramic particles.
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