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Body Binder

Usage: Ceramic body / refractory / grinding / plastic preparationM
Suggested dosage: 0.1%-0.2%
Appearance & Packing: White powder/Brown Powder;25kg/bag
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Foshan Goway Matrails Co.,Ltd

FG-ZM01 & FG-ZM02 ,high-efficiency ceramic body Binder is a kind of high-efficiency ceramics developed by our company based on carboxylic acid and sulfonate copolymer organic polymer material as the main body, adding inorganic binder and rheological additives. Body enhancer.


1).Add 0.15~0.3% of this product (the specific addition amount depends on the nature of the mud and the needs of the product), which can enhance the strength of the dry body (30%~70%), resist cracking, adjust the mud density, and make it easy to shape.

2). The enhancer does not affect the flow rate of the blank slurry. During the use in many factories, the viscosity of all the slurry is reduced accordingly.

3). After using our company's enhancer, the powder particle gradation after spray drying has been greatly improved, the ultrafine particles and large particles are significantly reduced, and the 40-80 mesh particles increase significantly.

4). The bulk density of the powder after spray drying has been significantly increased, showing that the hollow rate in the powder can be reduced after using our products.

5). It has a significant improvement effect on solving the defects of easy cracking of the green body, particle cracks, insufficient density, low strength, uneven drying moisture, shrinkage and cracking; It can improve the product yield without any adverse effects on the firing.

6). The use of this enhancer product can appropriately reduce the requirements and dependence on the quality of clay.

2.Product appearance and main indicators:

1. Yellow powder and granules;

2. Melting point 300℃; specific gravity: 0.5~0.6 g/cm³; easily soluble in water, the solution is light yellow-green and transparent.


3.Product usage method: put it into the ball mill together with the formula.

4.Scope of application:

Building tiles such as floor tiles, large-size polished tiles, quartz porcelain, daily-use craft ceramics, sanitary ware, and various ceramic bodies with high content of barren raw materials can be used.

5.Remak:ceramics body Binder manufacturer

ceramics body Binder manufacturer
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