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Ceramic Binder

Usage: Ceramic body / refractory / grinding / plastic preparationM
Suggested dosage: 0.1%-0.2%
Appearance & Packing: White powder/Brown Powder;25kg/bag
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Foshan Goway Matrails Co.,Ltd

   The ceramic powder modifier FG-ZG01 is compounded with inorganic binder powder. Compared with ordinary reinforcing agents, it has no influence on the performance of mud, and can greatly enhance the strength of the dry body, increase the fluidity of the powder, and is easy to form. Improve the brick cracking and improve the bonding performance of the powder. 
This product has a good effect on improving the damage caused by the insufficient strength of the green body during the vibration and drying process on the conveyor line after the stamping and forming of the green body. No adverse effects on firing. It has obvious effect on solving the defects of green body, particle cracks, fragile edges and corners. It is essential to improve the strength of the green body and the yield and quality of ceramic wall and floor tiles. 
1. Features:
   The ceramic powder modifier will not thicken the ceramic slurry. When the slurry is spray-dried, its molecular chains are interlinked to form a network structure, and the green powder enters the network structure and is bonded together to act as a skeleton. Significantly improve the strength of the green body. 
   It fundamentally solves the defects of the currently commonly used lignin and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) green body enhancers: that is, it affects the fluidity of the mud and is sensitive to the drying temperature. 
   Note: The performance test of the body enhancer should be made into a small sample and dried to measure its actual strength, and its enhancement effect cannot be measured solely by measuring its viscosity (or flow rate) in the aqueous solution.
2. Performance:
  1) The appearance of the ceramic powder modifier is white powder, non-toxic and tasteless,   
2) Good dispersibility, low dosage, especially can improve the green strength before drying, reduce the damage of the green body, and will not form black cores in the tiles. There is no adverse effect on the final performance. 
3) The addition of ceramic powder modifier has no adverse effect on the fluidity of the mud, no need to change the original production process, and the operation is simple and convenient. For green bodies with high content of barren raw materials (such as ultra-white polished tiles, polycrystalline micro-powder tiles, etc.), the use can be increased, but the mud fluidity is small. 
3. Usage:
  1) The addition amount of ceramic powder modifier is generally 0.15-0.3% (relative to the ball mill dry material). The actual added amount can be determined by the user according to the product needs. To
   2) Add the materials to the ball mill in the ball mill.
Fourth, shelf life: 12 months (pay attention to moisture)
It fundamentally solves the defects of the currently commonly used lignins and sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) green body enhancers (that is, it seriously affects the fluidity of the mud and the trouble of degumming)
Remak: Ceramics body binder supplier in China 
Ceramics body binder supplier in China 
The ceramic powder modifier
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