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Sodium Hexamata-----S.H.M.P
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Sodium Hexamata-----S.H.M.P

Usage: Ceramic Body/Ceramic Glaze/Detergent Industry
Suggested dosage: 0.3%-0.5%
Appearance & Packing: White Powder ; 25kg/bag
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Food additive Sodium Pyrophosphate Specification

Description: Sodium hexametaphosphate is a kind of sodium phosphate polymer, which is transparent glass flake or white powder crystal. It has strong hygroscopicity, becomes sticky after moisture absorption, and is easy to moisture in the air. The solution is soluble in water, the solubility in water is high, but the dissolution rate is warm, and the aqueous solution is acidic. Easily hydrolyzed into phosphite. Biogenic to some metal ions (calcium, magnesium). The ability to form soluble complexes, so it can be used to soften water and form complexes with lead, silver, barium salts and so on.
Composition:Sodium hexametaphosphate;P2O5≥68%
Character and Packing:Colorless transparent glass granule ; 25kg/bag
Usage description: Food-grade sodium hexametaphosphate needs to be added in strict accordance with food production requirements and national food additive regulations, and its main role in food is to improve the color, aroma and flavor of food. 
Taste, adjust the nutritional composition of food, prolong the shelf life of food. Belonging to the normal range of acceptance of the human body. Used in meat products, fish sausages, ham, etc., can improve water retention, increase adhesion, prevent fat oxidation; used in bean paste and soy sauce can prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period, adjust taste; used in fruit beverages and cool drinks, it can increase juice yield, increase viscosity and inhibit vitamin C decomposition. Used in ice cream can improve the ability of expansion, increase volume, enhance emulsification to prevent paste damage, improve taste and color; used in dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation.
Dosage:Add water to dissolve according to the demand



Total phosphate (in P2O5) content,%


Content of inactive phosphate (in terms of P2O5),%


Water insoluble content,%


Iron (Fe) content,%




Arsenic (As) content,%


Content of heavy metals (in terms of Pb),%


Fluoride (in F) content,%


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