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Sodium Hexametaphosphate (SHMP) is an angel or a demon in food processing






Sodium hexametaphosphate is used as a food additive, and it seems to be a negative thing when mentioned. What kind of dyed buns, a drop of fragrant, hanging white pieces, and what else can stick to the glue that can stick to the whole meat, it sounds angry; buying a snack and a look at the ingredients table, all of which are not understood. Do you eat or not? Sodium hexametaphosphate manufacturers of food additives, Goway International Material CO., LTD tells you if SHMP is harmless. Is it an angel or a demon?

Food additives cannot exclude illegal additives. According to the understanding of normal people, those who actively add to the food, except for the main materials, should be counted as additives.

Next, we mentioned that Sodium Hexametaphosphate is commonly used in food additives. It is used for meat products, fish intestines, ham, etc., which can improve water holdings, increase nodularity, and prevent fat oxidation. Prevent color change, increase viscosity, shorten the fermentation period, and adjust the taste; for fruit drinks and cool drinks, it can increase juice rate, increase viscosity, and inhibit vitamin C decomposition; for ice cream to increase the ability to expand, increase volume, enhance emulsification The role prevents the ointment from damage, improve the taste and color; it is used for dairy products and beverages to prevent the gel from precipitation; adding beer can clarify the wine and prevent turbidity; for canned beans, fruits, and vegetables, can stabilize natural pigments and protect the color of food. In addition, Sodium Hexametaphosphate's aqueous solution is sprayed on the pickled meat to improve the anti-corrosive performance.

The main function of adding Sodium Hexametaphosphate to food is to enhance the taste, taste, and shelf life of the food. It is the same as many food additives that you see every day. It is not a proprietary term "food additive", but a "additive" in food.

The development of the food industry is essentially the division of labor in food production. Food-grade SODIUM Hexametaphosphate has the effect of seasoning, water preservation, and adjusting taste. This is simply a microcosm of the food production division of labor. As long as it is used by national regulations, it will bring greater development to the food industry.


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