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The role of Deflocculant

Compared with organic polymer Deflocculant, microbial Deflocculant has the characteristics of wide flocculation range, high activity, safety and non-toxicity, and no pollution to the environment. Moreover, the use conditions are carefully set, and there is a broad-spectrum flocculation activity. Therefore, it can be widely used in water supply and sewage treatment.

Deflocculant manufacturers introduce how flocculants work

Deflocculant manufacturers tell you that the flocculation precipitation method is to use inorganic flocculants (such as aluminum sulfate) and organic anionic flocculants polyacrylamide (PAM) to prepare an aqueous solution and add it to the wastewater. Deflocculant manufacturers tell you that there will be a compressed electric double layer, which will cause the suspended particles in the wastewater to lose their stability, and the colloidal particles will agglomerate with each other to increase the size of the particles, forming flocs and flocs.

Deflocculant manufacturers introduce flocculants

Deflocculant manufacturers tell you that flocculants can be divided into inorganic flocculants and organic flocculants according to their overall chemical composition. Deflocculant manufacturers tell you that inorganic flocculants include inorganic flocculants and inorganic polymer flocculants; organic flocculants include synthetic organic polymer flocculants, natural organic polymer flocculant, and microbial flocculants.

The role of Quality Ceramic Diluting Agent

Quality Ceramic Diluting Agent refers to a surfactant that can rapidly wet the surface of solid particles and raise the energy barrier between solid particles to a sufficiently high level. Quality Ceramic Diluting Agents can effectively improve the particle wettability, suspension stability, and slurry rheology of the slurry under the condition of low moisture content, and make the slurry have a suitable viscosity to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction.

How Ceramic Diluting Agent Disperses Ceramic Slurry

In the production of special ceramics, the preparation of the slurry has a great influence on the normal operation of the entire production line and the performance of the finished product. The preparation of qualified slurry is inseparable from Ceramic Diluting Agent, which can prevent the re-agglomeration of particles, make the ceramic slurry have a relatively stable dispersion, and finally obtain a ceramic body with uniform internal microstructure and no defects, which improves the product quality. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of Ceramic Diluting Agent and the technology used are increasingly being paid attention to.

Two Stages Using Ceramic Diluting Agent

Stage 1: Wetting of the ceramic powder surface. Wetting is the most basic condition for ceramic powder dispersion. Ceramic Diluting Agent needs to evenly disperse the ceramic powder in the slurry solution. First, the ceramic powder must be wetted by the solution. In this process, Ceramic Diluting Agent has two functions.
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