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Features of Deflocculant






1. The solution of high-level organic suspended wastewater is a kind of wastewater that is not matured or not. It is a traditional agronomy that normally adopts chemical flocculation and treatment methods. Deflocculant can also be used for the treatment of water samples such as mud slurry and fly ash, and it can also be used for micro-organic flocculation and treatment of ceramic factory wastewater outside the experiment.

Deflocculant from China manufacturer
4. The effectiveness of activated sludge to solve fragmentation, the performance of sludge deteriorates and declines. When activated sludge participates in microbial Deflocculant, the sludge volume index can quickly drop, prevent sludge flocculation, and eliminate sludge shrinkage. , while the ability to restore sludge, improve the efficiency of the entire disposal system.
Deflocculant has a good prospect of utilization. It is widely used in the treatment of high-lightness inorganic wastewater, the discoloration of dye waste fire, and the treatment of activated sludge and other substances, and has shown good results.
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