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Precautions for Deflocculant For sale






Deflocculant For sale change that occurs under adverse conditions that result in a decrease in flocculation performance, commonly known as degradation. The specific manifestations are molecular weight reduction, solution viscosity reduction, poor flocculation performance, and even failure.

Deflocculant For sale
There are many factors that could make Deflocculant For sale make this change. In this regard, high molecular weight pam is a rather sensitive substance. Moreover, the higher the molecular weight of pam, the easier it is to produce these changes, and the more sensitive it is to related factors.
We must pay great attention to this issue, otherwise, the best Deflocculant For sale will not be able to achieve good results. The high molecular weight of modern polyacrylamide products is the basis for its good flocculation properties. However, the macromolecules of this flocculant are easily damaged by external factors, which greatly reduces its performance. Flocculants must be formulated and used carefully to prevent this problem.
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