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Properties of Zirconium Silicate in china






Its high refractive index is 1.93-2.01, and it is chemically stable. It is a high-quality and cheap opacifier, and is widely used in the production of various architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily-use ceramics, and first-class handicraft ceramics. Zirconium Silicate in china has a wide range of applications in the processing and production of ceramic glazes.

Zirconium Silicate in chinaThe reason why Zirconium Silicate in China is widely used in ceramic production is that it is not affected by the firing atmosphere of ceramics because of its good chemical stability, and it can significantly improve the bonding performance of ceramic blanks and glazes and increase the hardness of ceramic glazes.
Zirconium Silicate in China has also been further applied in the production of color picture tubes in the TV industry, emulsified glass in the glass industry, and enamel glazes. Zirconium silicate has a high melting point: of 2500 degrees Celsius, so it is also widely used in refractory materials, zirconium ramming materials for glass furnaces, castables, and spray coatings.
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