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Is the special intensifier for ceramic large slate really that magical?







In 2020, the rock slabs will protrude and be encircled. In the long-silent and depressed ceramic circle, the familiar "waves" of the ceramics industry have been greatly aroused, and the ceramics industry will once again become popular. With the increase in the scale of mass production of slabs and slates, special intensifiers for ceramic slates have quickly entered everyone's eyes. In fact, advanced ceramic companies in foreign countries have generally used the products of special enhancers for ceramic large slate plates. In the past two years, they have only risen up and used in China on a large scale. Even some ceramic companies are still in the process of exploring. How does the special strengthening agent for large slate slab provide a magical effect for the production of large slate slab?
Compared with common reinforcing agents, Goway’s special reinforcing agent for ceramic slate slabs increases the toughness of ceramics on the basis of common reinforcing agents. Without affecting the performance of mud, it can greatly enhance the strength of the dry body and increase the fluidity of the powder; It is easy to form and improve the cracking of the brick blanks and improve the bonding performance of the powder. This product has a good effect on improving the damage caused by the insufficient strength of the blank during the vibration and drying process on the conveyor line after the blank is stamped or rolled. It has no adverse effect on firing and increases the flexibility of the finished product, which greatly reduces the damage of the finished product from cutting and cracking. It has obvious effect on solving the defects of green body, particle cracks, fragile edges and corners. It is indispensable to improve the strength of the green body and the yield and quality of ceramics, and it can reduce mud consumption by more than 5% for ceramic enterprises.
Therefore, the domestic ceramic slate slate special enhancer plays an indispensable role in the production and occupies an important role. In the circumstance that the high-quality soil is declining, the ceramic slate slate enhancer is the first choice of all ceramic companies.


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