Focus On High-Quality Silicate (Ceramic) Materials

Industrial-grade sodium hexametaphosphate can be used for paint-adding






With more and more brands in the coating industry, competition in the market has become more and more intense. Product quality has become a breakthrough in the future coating industry, and it is also a guarantee for preparing good coatings. In order to make the paint better, industrial-grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate needs to be used to play a decentralized role and improve the liquidity of the coating.

In recent years, coatings have changed the traditional, single, conservative, and solid image, and then the development of personalized decorative types and environmental protection products. The new vocabulary in coatings is in clean flavors, full-effect, and anti -anti-formaldehyde. With the continuous joining of "new members" such as bamboo charcoal and no addition, the product varieties in the coating market gradually become richer. The use of coatings is indeed unchanged. In order to avoid too high viscosity during use, paint into a paste, that does not meet the performance requirements of the paint, determine the addition of industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate according to the viscosity requirements of the coating.

The impact of industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate on coatings is still great. The dripping of coatings is rapidly declining with the increase in the increase of the content of the industrial Sodium Hexametaphosphate. Dripping reflects the ability of coatings to attach to the surface of the mold, but different from viscosity, dripping is an important indicator of the painting process of the coating. The lower the dripping, the better the adhesion of the mold, but the dripping should not be too low. The flowing performance of the coating is poor, so the coating has serious coating marks during the painting process.

As more and more coating companies continue to rise, competition in the coating material market has become more and more intense. The coating is a resource-based product. Since last year, environmental law enforcement has seriously disrupted the market rhythm. The factory is closed, and the reduction of raw materials has led to a shortage of resources. Especially at the end of the year, the prices of coatings rose one after another, but manufacturers of sodium phosphate Goway produced the authentic thermos phosphate made by the thermal process as the raw material. Enterprises can also use sodium industrial sodium hexametaphosphate to add coatings to increase product quality expansion of the coating market.


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