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What is the role of phosphate in grain and oil products?






Sodium tripolyphosphate manufacturers tell you that phosphorus is an important mineral element necessary for the human body. The main source of phosphorus in the human body is natural food or food Phosphate additives. Phosphate is the natural food. One of the ingredients.

At present, there are many phosphates approved in Chinese food additives, including Sodium Tripolyphosphate Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Sodium Pyrophosphate Trisodium Phosphate, DISODIUM HYD Rogen Phosphate, Sodium dihydrogen Phosphate. Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, etc. So, what is the role of phosphate in grain and oil products? Sodium Tripolyphosphate manufacturer Goway tells you.

The improvement of phosphate's improvement of noodles is mainly manifested in increasing gluten, reducing starch dissolved; enhancing the elasticity of the noodles; and increasing the smoothness of the surface of the noodles.

The application of phosphate in the production of quick-frozen steamed buns is the main feature to improve the texture and taste of steamed buns and increase water preservation of steamed buns
Ability to reduce the loss of moisture loss during the molding, wake-up, and steaming cooling process; increase the bulge bun butt; reduce the cracking of the steamed bun thawed make the steamed buns more uniform, delicate texture, and good taste.

Composite Phosphate also has a certain impact on quick-frozen dumplings. Adding PHOSPHATE can inhibit the dumplings after thawing dumplings. The application of composite PHOSPHATE in seafood can effectively solve the problem of umami taste and nutritional loss of seafood, prevent and reduce oxidation; and reduce physical discoloration and taste, so that their muscle tissue has better water preservation power, and it has a more taste. Okay, and improve its water holdings when thawing.


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