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China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers china introduces food additive Sodium Pyrophosphate Specification






China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers china tell you that Physical and chemical properties: White powder or crystal. The melting point is 880 ℃, density is 2.534g/cm ³. China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers china tell you that it is dissolved in Disodium hydrogen. It can form a complex with alkaline earth metal ions and white when it meets Ag+. The Composition of it is Sodium pyrophosphate, and the character and packing: White granule or powder; 25kg/bag.

China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers chinaUsage description: China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers china tell you that it can be used as an acidity regulator and water retention agent in food processing. Used in canned meat such as lunch meat and sausages, it can improve the water-holding capacity of meat products, reduce the loss of nutrients, improve the tenderness of the meat, and improve the quality of finished products; when used as a dry melting agent and emulsifier, calcium casein in cheese can release calcium, increase the viscosity of casein and obtain soft and malleable products. 
China Sodium Tripolyphosphate Manufacturers china tell you that it is used in soy sauce and soybean paste processing, can prevent soybean paste browning, improve color, and inhibit soybean milk rancidity, and fermentation; used in fruit juice, cool beverage, and cold drink processing, can prevent oxidation and precipitation in preservation; used in ice cream processing, it has the effect of increment and emulsification and dispersion. Dosage: Dissolve and use within the maximum usage according to the demand.
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