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Sodium hexametaphosphate can also promote the development of the food industry






Now people can buy a variety of foods, but in fact, they are not clear how these foods are made. We often wrap them in various food rumors, and food-grade additives are one of them. However, the benefits brought by food additives are still greater than the disadvantages. Like the use of Sodium Hexametaphosphate in food, as long as we add strictly it according to food additives, it is allowed to be used within the range.

Many of the food additives now have thousands of years of application history. Like the enzyme preparations used in winemaking, sugarlase has a history of nearly 6,000 years; coagulants used in tofu have more than 2,000 years of application history in my country. After hundreds of thousands of years of practical inspection, these food additives have confirmed that we adapted them to the health of the human body.

Food-grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate is also used strictly and repeated practical inspection before it is used for food addition. With the advancement of technology, the original preservation of food and its taste cannot meet the needs of modern people. Sodium Hexametaphosphate is an improved agent for food quality.

During the processing of meat products, hexametaphosphate can chelate metal ions, reduce the combination of metal ions and water, and combine protein binding to more water to improve water retention and extend the preservation period.

For example, when processing fish intestines and ham, adding Sodium Hexameta Phosphate can promote food softening and improve the quality of food. Keep the flavor of food, while maintaining the nutrients and tenderness of the meat. Soy sauce, soy sauce processing. It can prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten the fermentation period, and regulate the mouth of the mouth. There are also many drinks, beer, ice cream processing, etc. in life. Sodium hexametaphosphate is used.

The direct service target of food additives is the food industry. If the food industry needs, food additives should meet its needs. After the new food comes out, food addictive sodium hexametaphosphate (Goway professional production) is promoted to the development of the food industry.


Sodium Hexametaphosphate

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