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Add Sodium HexameMetaphosphate (SHMP) to achieve safe and non -toxic and maintain food quality






In a sense, there is no food additive, and there is no modern food industry. If you don’t, let go of your prejudice, you can think that you can eat food in the south of the world. As "the soul of the modern food industry", add Sodium Hexametaphosphate To be safe and non-toxic and maintain food quality.

At this stage, there are 23 categories of food additives approved by China. More than 2,000 varieties can be divided into natural and synthetic at the source; Nutritional reinforcements, preservatives, sweeteners, thickeners, spices, etc.

According to the GB2760-2014, each food additive has a scope and additional amount of use, and we must implement the enterprise in strict accordance with the standard during the production process. In this way, If expired or disabled we added food additives to the food, there are serious food safety problems in such foods. These are the consequences caused by the abuse of food additives.

We add which foods to Sodium Hexametaphosphate as food additives?

We mainly used food Grade Sodium Hexametaphosphate as a quality improvement agent for food. Applying in the food industry can mainly improve water holdings, increase nodularity, prevent fat oxidation, and improve preservative performance. Change color, increase viscosity, shorten the fermentation period, and adjust the taste; in fruit drinks and cool beverages, it can increase juice rate, increase viscosity, and inhibit vitamin C decomposition; ice cream can increase the expansion ability, increase the volume, enhance emulsification to prevent the paste from the paste Destruction, improve taste and color, and more.

We widely used sodium hexametaphosphate in phosphate. If you do not add Sodium Hexameta Phosphate, you are afraid that these foods will become ugly, unpalatable, and difficult to save. It is just that the prerequisite for adding Sodium Hexametaphosphate to maintain food quality is to be safe and non-toxic.


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