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Product Description of Ceramic Diluting Agent






Ceramic Diluting Agent is a kind of ceramic additive, also known as a thinner or decoagulation agent. In the wet forming process of high-performance ceramics, Ceramic Diluting Agent is required to have high solid content, good stability, and good rheology, so as to obtain complex shape, small shrinkage of fired body, uniform bulk density, and good rheology after forming. High-performance ceramics with stable performance provide the conditions. A dispersant is therefore an additive that assists in controlling the rheological properties of the slurry.

Ceramic Diluting Agent from China manufacturer
Ceramic Diluting Agent Code No: SL-01 / SL-02, Remark: Ceramic Diluting Agent Manufacturer /defloculant factory and supplier in China /deflocculant wholesale.
Usage of the Ceramic Diluting Agent is Ceramic body/Ceramic glaze. Dosage: 0.2-0.5%. Advantage: This is a new generation ceramic diluting agent/Deflocculant, to subvert the traditional products, much faster, more stable, and cheaper. To help customers solve the problems of recovered material and recovered water system. Appearance: Pale yellow solid granular or powder. Package: 25kg/Bag.
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