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What is Ceramic Diluting Agent Disperses Ceramic Slurry Dispersion Mechanism






The dispersion mechanism of Ceramic Diluting Agent for ceramic slurry can be divided into three stages. The first stage: the deagglomeration of the ceramic powder is to allow the ceramic powder to have a solution between each other, so as to separate the ceramic powder. Ceramic Diluting Agent can generate a large repulsive force between the particles, thereby separating the particles and accelerating the penetration of the solution between the ceramic powders to achieve the purpose of separating the ceramic powders.

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The mechanism of repulsion between particles in Ceramic Diluting Agent can be summarized as electrostatic repulsion stabilization, steric hindrance, and the combined effect of the two: ①Electrostatic repulsion: that is, the stabilization mechanism of the electric double layer refers to the stabilization of the electric double layer by adding ionic As a dispersant, a certain amount of surface charge is generated on the surface of the ceramic particles, so that a large repulsive force is generated between the particles, thereby achieving stable dispersion of the particles.
②The steric hindrance stabilization effect of Ceramic Diluting Agent: refers to adding a certain amount of uncharged high molecular weight compounds to the suspension to make it adsorb on the surface of the particles to form a thicker steric hindrance layer and create space between the particles Repulsive force to achieve the purpose of dispersion.
③The electrostatic steric hindrance compound stabilization of Ceramic Diluting Agent: that is, adding a certain amount of polymer electrolyte to the suspension or adding a polymer compound and oligomer (such as PEG) or organic monomer (such as citric acid triglyceride) At this time, the polyelectrolyte can not only repel the surrounding particles through its own charge, but also prevent the surrounding particles from approaching through its steric hindrance effect, and the combined effect of the two can realize the composite Stable dispersion effect.
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